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Vereya Sharashkina is originally Russian but was born in USA . Her works appear in a Canadian magazine Dialogue. Her poetry mostly speaks of love, justice and mercy. She says that her life's goal is to bring as much happiness to this world as she can. She lives in Ozarks, Missouri with her family.

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Thank you, Anne Frank
Vereya Sharashkina

For Anne Frank and others like her, who never betrayed kindness.

(By Vereya Sharashkina March 13 2021)

I thank you, Anne Frank,

For all that you’ve said

For leaving your words behind.

With wisdom and truth

They shine through the years

So pure, so forgiving and kind.

I thank you, Anne Frank,

For smiling so wide

On every picture I saw.

And every time I look at your face

You fill me with wonder and awe.

Through losses and pain

You never gave up

Though life was unbearably hard

Your smile did not fade

And what did you say?

That people were good, deep at heart.

These people have seized

Your blossoming life

With brutal and merciless hands

Untimely you died

At age of fifteen

And likely you prayed in the end

For victims of war,

Of blindness and hate

For beautiful children like you

And even for those

Who tortured and killed

Because they were suffering too.

I’m sorry, Anne Frank,

That you’re not around

To show us how hope changes life.

I’m sorry that you

Did not have a chance

To be a great mother and wife.

I thank you, Anne Frank,

And others like you

Who suffered and joyful remained

Who prayed for the friends, and then

For the foes

Your memory shall not be stained.

I thank you, Anne Frank,

And others like you

Who lived, and who struggled and died

You're worthy of praise

For your shining eyes

The beautiful children of light.

I thank you, Anne Frank,

And others like you

Who even in prison were free

For saying that people

Were still good at heart.

And I very strongly agree.