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Editors are interested in works that have the courage to acknowledge, challenge, and celebrate modern Jewish life beyond distinctions of secular and sacred. 
We like accessible works 
that find fresh meaning in old traditions that recognize the challenges of our generation. We evaluate works on several levels, including their skillful use of craft, their ability to hold interest, and layers of meaning. Poetica Magazine is an independent, international, free-access literary magazine dedicated to publishing the finest poetry by accomplished, well-established authors - side by side - with fresh, emerging voices. We publish original works by Jewish and non-Jewish writers alike.
ISSN: 1541-1923 (2002 - 2022)
  • We consider an unlimited number of submissions by a single writer.

  • Do not include any identification in submitted documents, as these readings will be blind.

  • Please submit one poem, wait for our reply, and submit new works.

  • We are only interested in poetry; all others will not be considered.

  • Use Times New Roman #11 - single space (we do not reject for incorrect format).

  • We cannot accept corrections after submission, Withrow and resubmit the correct version. 

  • We do not consider translations and/or previously published works in print and/or eEditions.

  • We often reply within a day and up to a 2-months; we give careful consideration to each submission.

  • All submissions will be acknowledged by the selecting editors.

Important note about poetry format:

As an online magazine, the majority of our readers read from devices 
and we have found that unusual spacing doesn't translate from desktop to device.  

Submissions Considered:
March 1st - August 31
Closed for submissions

Submission Fee:
No fee for the first 250 submissions
after $3.00 will be applied, per submission 
Received 459 submissions by August 17, 2022

Selecting Editors:
Michal Mahgerefteh
Sofia M. Starnes

Monthly featured poem/s: selected poems will be shared with our 5K newsletter subscribers

Publication: All accepted works will be published on the website with the author's bio and photo.

Rights: By submitting, writers give Poetica Magazine permission to publish works in print and eEdition.

Authors: Retain all rights, if the work is reprinted - please note Poetica Magazine as the original publication.

Print Edition: If funds are available, selected works from the eEdition will be published in the next print edition (November).

Holiday poems for the weekly newsletters: 

Join the email list to follow up with the occasional call for submissions, centered on a theme.

Previously published works will be considered for the newsletter, only for the newsletter. 

Tip Jar

Please consider making a $3.00 donation with each submission via SUBMITTABLE. 

Your donation will help us cover the reading process and for publishing the works on the website. 

The 2022 print edition 

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Thank you!
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