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Sander Mark is a sophomore engineering student at Rutgers University. He has had a passion for creative writing since middle school. His writing portfolio includes poetry, multiple short stories, and a full-length play, with his current project being a novella set during World War 1.

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Grandma's Knyedl
Sander Mark

The steaming kiss of chicken broth greets my nose
It needs some salt
Always does
The opaque yellow tint
A millpond of a produce and meat
Grandma makes it like she always does
Thinly sliced carrots
Like lily pads gliding across a tranquil lagoon
There’s shredded chicken seeped throughout
Delicately splintered with ever spoonful
A hint of celery green that melts in the mouth
Like lava slathered across a frozen peak
And don’t forget the Kneydl
Sinking and rising in the sea of broth
Sinusoidally roving
In the center of the cheap ceramic bowl
They need to be hard like rocks
If they can shatter glass window panes
Like stones plucked from the earth
They pass the firmness test
I like them to be soft in the middle
But I don’t care
They taste like heaven and summer sun
Wrapped in a spherical doughy mass
Cooked slightly uneven
Just like always
God how I miss that