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God of Simple Things
by Robert Eugene Perry  

Pine needles, saplings

Pill bugs under old logs

Fiddleheads and mossy stones

Chickadees perched in the hemlock

Simple things unwind the mind

Sudden breeze, sound of water

Sunlight glinting on a glade

Snap us back to the present tense

Mind’s an awful rover, artful

Dodger of the here and now

Masticating memories

Moments remain barren

Thoreau’s cry to simplify

Echoes through the ages

Our possessions build our cages

Simplicity holds the key.

About the Author

Robert Eugene Perry is a native of Massachusetts and the author of five books. His poetry has been included in numerous publications, including Poetica Magazine’s Mizmor Anthology. As a metaphysical poet he finds inspiration in nature, and endeavors to draw connections between ourselves and the natural world.