Poetica Magazine

Poetica Magazine

2023 Passover Edition - Guidelines

Open March 9 - 23, 2023


We're seeking poetry submissions that celebrate the themes of freedom, liberation, and redemption in honor of the upcoming holiday of Passover. We're looking for poems that explore these themes in new and innovative ways and speak to the modern world and the challenges we face today. While we're not interested in ritual poems that focus solely on the traditional retelling of the Passover story, we are interested in poems that use elements of the Passover narrative to explore broader themes of social justice, personal growth, and the triumph of the human spirit. We welcome submissions from poets of all backgrounds and experience levels, and we're excited to read your work.

Our website will feature a special edition showcasing the chosen poems, and our April newsletter will feature three selected works. We will notify all submitters of our decision. Please check your SUBMITTABLE account for updates.

Please submit one poem no more than two pages long,
using Times New Roman #11 in a single Word document.
Please include a 45-word count BIO.

We look forward to reading your Passover poems and celebrating the themes of freedom and liberation with you.

Thank you,
The Editors