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Ophir Jacob Bitton is an Israeli-American attorney and poet. He is the author of Becoming Eyes (Aventine Press, 2008), a book of poetry chronicling his marital courtship (available on Amazon). He resides and practices law in Los Angeles, California.

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The Sun in The Olive Tree
Ophir Jacob Bitton

It grows slowly
Though when 10 there gather
It lifts its shoulders
So through its leaves
A haloed sun
Sprinkling light and shade
For contemplation
Inspiration and comfort
There, By his side
It grows slowly

It does not tolerate cold
it remains at its post despite
And not with a frown, but evergreen
Its roots are the same has his
Its fruit sacred
And the ground too
Its leaves diamonds
And twigs, lacings of crowns
The sun its victor
It does not tolerate cold

It grows slowly
Gives generously
Doves collect deliveries for arcs
His sons lean for support
Its trunk is kind
His lover cloaked in its shade
With rips in the fabric of leaves
It is there, In its minglings
That the sun sneaks through
It grows slowly
Such things often do.