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Natan Yakov is a second-year law student from Philadelphia studying at the Temple University Beasley School of Law. In his free time, he enjoys writing English and Hebrew poetry, writing and illustrating his forthcoming YA novels, and learning about Judaism in all its dimensions.

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Between Two Destinies of Life
Natan Yakov

If one day a doctor opens my body,

He will be surprised to find only half of my heart,

An incomplete brain, and maybe buried emotions.

He will ask, where are the other parts?


The truth is that every person is fragile,

And the negative cannot be hidden.

How can a person split himself,

Without also tearing a piece from his soul?


Here I stand over a stormy ocean,

With my head stuck in the highest cloud.

My feet are well planted in different worlds,

And I am caught between two destinies of life.


The West tempts me to settle already,

With opportunities, luck, and also the dollar,

But the heat of the East still calls my name,

To return to my father’s songs and land.


Why should I choose between two great flags,

And decide between two groups of stars and stripes?

Should I prefer one over the other,

When I can just give up and fall in my place?