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Poetica Magazine

Reluctant Rogue Redo?

Mark Stucky

If Jonah, reluctant rogue of a prophet,

had desired to visit Ninevah,

instead of fleeing the other direction,

how different would his story have been?


More succinct but less interesting?

No stormy maritime mishap?

No hard-to-swallow fish story?

No prayer in the belly of the beast?


Just marching through streets,

preaching his pithy prediction?

Would Ninevah still have repented?

Or did the whale-of-a-tale

add conviction to his message?


Jonah was not unlike me,

a spiritual rogue of today,

refusing to answer my call,

enduring intolerable storms,

crying in the belly of my beast.

Like Jonah, reversing direction,

might I yet find my path

and emerge from the depths?