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Jan Price’s poems and artwork appear in literary journals, anthologies, magazines, on covers, in print and online, through universities in Australia and across the U.S. She loves photography, poetry competitions, poetry readings and chocolate cake. Jan also studies Thought
Distraction for depressed people.

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In a German Town One Day
Jan Price (Australia)

My mother
over streusel cake and apfelsaft
in the German town of Hahndorf
between mountains of clearing
convulsions of tray clatter
in a tiny tankard tavern stops
her social chatter at 2pm
swirls the slim stem of her wary words
then watchful of clarity
pours me a deliberate wine slowly.

your true great grandfather on my side
was a Jew. It seems
your great grandmother
pursued a romantic indiscretion.

My cider fragments –
splinters my tongue like gunned bones
smoke ash-flake thick gasps my throat
and is that gas leaking escaping draining
my senses swirling my prior perceptions
out of control!

I have informed your brother
he wasn’t... happy.
She pouts shrugs looks down -
you understand non-believers
it’s their way.

Your sister stood and sang Hava Nagila
and challenged me to dance the Hora!
So! My eldest daughter how does this
affect you?

Our tourist bus arrives beyond the Tavern
window; destination; Hahndorf- Adelaide.

I straighten my spine
smile at my love of wearing black
an iron belief in a higher power
a hunger for animated debate
my soul’s thirst for identity
finally quenched
and now the branding of my soul
with the Shield of David.