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Poetica Magazine

Leftover Kugel

     by Gary Grossman

Not really noodles, Pesach--

a week of remembered

sacrifice—sure, the cellophane

wrapper read pareve for

Passover. Bland and chewy,

texture like old camel saddles.

Remembered sacrifice

Not for eating plain, or even

topped with moguls of parmesan

cheese, but drowned in butter, egg,

sugar, pineapple, and cinnamon—

then baked at 350 in Gramma’s

rectangular cake pan, it melds

into a Pesach kugel to die for.

Pareve kugel, my people’s

offering for unleavened dessert.

My tongue buds say “sweet, umami,

a hint of salt—the perfect foil

for 7AM dark roast after

an evening with four cups.

Remembered sacrifice

and the sacred act of living

in the here and now. This coffee,

this kugel.