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A clinical social worker for 46 years, Fred Levy retired April, 2020 to write poetry. He is Jewish, age 71, married, and with two grown children. His Presbyterian wife and he raised their children in  two traditions, with diversity at the center of their family life.

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Standing Before the Mountains
Frederick Levy

Mount Sinai stands

aglow with moonlight mystery

and midnight molten stars.

I move with the mountain’s sway;

my pupils glow in glistening light.

As stars fade to fog draped dawn,

my spent feet ache from dancing.

From the mountain I backpack to

Yad V’Shem, where Israel honors

the Shoah’s heroes and dead.

Behind my eyes,

every weeping picture

reminds me to gather

my prayer’s living threads.

Gentle family and friends surround my ache;

their love could light a third world country,

but all that caring bounces

like pounding summer rains off pavement.

My chest’s so tight that my beating heart

could break my ribs apart.

I’ve arrived from The Wilderness

on a sojourner’s quest.

Now, an older man,

I belong to a congregation

whose arms connect through time.

Old yearnings quake

but today my heart

claims a place,

standing before the mountain.