Poetica Magazine

Poetica Magazine

Ibn Ezra

by Eric T. Racher

Upon the heart an emblem,

sign of the God of Truth,

remembrance of His wonders,

a root that splinters stone.

This sign implies a syntax

for our dependencies,

and on the scales of balance

we justify this hope

by fashioning a grammar,

a rhizome which reveals

the visage of the angel

that hinges man and God.

by Eric T. Racher

Beneath the skin, a word bored

and grated on the bone.

From axon into dendrite—

a spark into a sperm.

The careful quill extracted

the marrow of the law,

and burnished the veneer of

unfathomed surfaces.

The language of his dwelling

discloses magnitudes,

and wears the warp and weft of

the fabric of our world.