Mizmor L'David Anthology 


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About The Poet

David Adès is a widely published Australian poet and the host of a monthly poetry podcast called “Poets’ Corner” in association with WestWords in Sydney: see https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb8bHCZBRMBjlWlPDeaSanZ3qAZcuVW7N.  His most recent collection "Afloat in Light" is available from UWA Publishing: https://uwap.uwa.edu.au/collections/david-ades/products/afloat-in-light.

The Mensch

The mensch probes heart, conscience,

finds fault and with it, humility,

the need to proffer himself,

to give and give gratuitously

as means to make amends,

in his own eyes at least,

allowing them to raise for a moment

from their downward gaze,

gift returning to the giver.

Knowing fault will never falter,

the proffering is endless,

part of the fabric of the mensch’s life,

like breath, rolling in and out,

like remorse, like failure,

like beginning and again beginning.