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Darcy Grabenstein is a marketing copywriter/content manager by day and a social justice advocate, freelance writer and poet in her “spare” time. She has had essays published in two Chicken Soup for the Soul books and is an editor/writer for the Philly-based thINKingDANCE

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Darcy Grabenstein

As I fill the cup for kiddush
I am momentarily distracted
and when I return to the task at hand
I see that my cup hath runneth over.
Soon there’s a red river
running down the tablecloth
toward the pristine carpet
but it does not faze me.
Instead, I look with wonder
at the steady flow
and it evokes an image
of eternal life.
The blood-red droplets
make me think of Passover
as we count and recount
the plagues our ancestors endured.
And I imagine a world
where pandemics and pogroms,
pestilence and pollution
are a thing of the past.
I envision instead
a world filled with love,
with hope, with peace,
with joy.
In this place
I break into a blissful dance,
unfettered, unrestrained.
Soon reality kicks in.

I grab paper towels
to absorb the mess
that surrounds me today.