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Bernard Horn’s new collection of poems is Love’s Fingerprints. His first collection, Our Daily Words, was a finalist for the Massachusetts Book Award. He translated Yehuda Amichai for The New Yorker and is the author of Facing the Fires: Conversations with A. B. Yehoshua.

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March 7 The Fugitive 
Bernard Horn

Let me tell you:

quarantined, isolated

in their five-

room Tel-Aviv


having just

returned from

Vienna and having

to spend a whole

evening laboriously

explaining to their


daughter, whose

dismay was as absolute

as it was unremitting, that,

no, she will miss school,

that, no, she will also miss

the school-wide day-long

camping trip to the North,

that she has always

adored—when they

awoke next morning

at 8:00, she was gone.

Having—as gradually

became clear—stealthily

washed, dressed,

prepared her own

breakfast, packed

a cold pasta lunch,

snacks, and water

in her small backpack,

and put on her hiking boots

(a dead giveaway),

she ran away from home—

as it turned out,

only as far as school,

where she was


after their call,


to their own

isolation– they couldn’t

even come

pick her up,

and oh!

the fierce look

in her widening

eyes in the

doorway, having

been escorted


by one of her

teachers . . . .

to her shame.