Mizmor L'David Anthology 


Poetica Magazine: Contemporary Jewish Writing

5781 Today,  Next Year in Jerusalem 

My mezuzah won’t stay stuck to the wall

maybe it’s angry with me

for skipping the Rabbi’s blessing

but in my defense

there was a global pandemic

My mezuzah is not on the doorpost of my house

neither is it upon my gates

it’s falling off the entrance of my 10 by 13 bedroom

where I try to remember just about 613 commandments

while logging on to my teams meeting

for British Literature Survey 2

Outside, my roommate watches Disney movies

not seeming to notice the thing about the villain’s noses

and well-meaning friends learn to say Chag Sameach

in time for Yom Kippur

Meanwhile I keep pressing back my mezuzah

skipping the loving kiss

to avoid


my mouth to my hand