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How to Be a Kind of Songbird 
by Alyson Weinberg  

When I forget, my essence won’t sing.
Sediment rests on a bed of my blood.
How can I love something and tie rocks
to its wings? The creature with feathers—
I let it sink. I’m trying to raise a

beautiful thing. Aliyah, to place high
scripture on breath, the swiftest way
to capture grace. The tropes eclipse, I
am enrapt. Lofted pitches bless the text.
On the synagogue ceiling blackcaps collect.

About the author:

Alyson Gold Weinberg is a 2022 Harbor Review Jewish Women’s Poetry Prize finalist and a 2021 Jeff Marks Memorial Poetry Prize finalist (Carl Phillips, judge). Her collection, Bellow & Hiss, a New Women’s Voices Chapbook Competition finalist, is forthcoming September 2023 (Finishing Line Press). *Alyson Gold Weinberg* *President, AWC