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Allen Plone is a film and television writer and director with over a hundred credits. he writes poetry as an act of love and a means to maintain his sanity. Poetry comes closest to speaking his version of the truth. His life’s goal is compassion for all beings.

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Allen Plone

circle step kick

hold hands tighten the circle

keep the ecstatic bound

inside the rapturous ring

joy dances into the room

Shekhinah drives out sorrow

of a thousand years and more

slinks out when not seen

hides in the nooks cracks

in unlit alleys broken hearts

cowers at the sight

of unleased hatred

we struggle to light the path

of her return candles held high

shadow plays along the tile

dark penumbras ripple life

wanting to see her face again

the smile that keys open

the locked heart buried bliss

lost in the whirling steps

until she appears again twirling

light-footed & luminous

brightening away the cobwebs

that trap dreams in its silk