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I Said Bread, (I Lied)
by Akaolisa Chukwuebuka  

We were asked, amidst this shrinking and expanding world,
of our staple; it is bread.

A noun leavened with metaphors that it chokes imagination
thus becoming a phenomenon. Paris calls it Pain.
It has followed the harvest of civilization as the yeasty dough that it is
it is what it is if you just say the name
like man to the floor, it answers to all flour

Until I piped into the many stories across the seas
then I saw the staple is us
chased by the sun
found at the waters
subduing greenland

We who are most complex
are yet simply the one
rising above the yeast of chaos

About the Author

Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Akaolisa is the author of Igbo Boy: Profit and Prejudice, Sometimes A Poet And The Peace Of WisdomHis poems have appeared in the Book of Matches, Ephesians Poems, Hope Digest, and others. He lives in Nigeria.