Mizmor L'David Anthology 


Poetica Magazine, Contemporary Jewish Writing

2017 Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award

     The award committee and sponsors would like to thank all the writers for submitting their work; five-hundred and twenty-three writers from Israel, Canada, Australia, South Africa, England, Italy, Spain and Japan submitted. 


  We thank the judges and committee members: David King (North Carolina), Michal Mahgerefteh (Virginia) and Daniel Pravda (Virginia) for their dedication and support. 

Michal Mahgerefteh
Managing Editor

Yiskah Rosenfeld 
Award Judge

David King
Selecting Committee 

Congratulations to All the Winners

                    1st - 3rd Place

      1st Place: ($250.00)

“(With Bows)” Shonna Levin
(Brooklyn, New York)

     2nd Place: ($150.00)

Torah Past Midnight, Amy Gottlieb
(Bronx, New York)

     3rd Place: ($150.00)

Stitching the Dove back together, Sarah Antine
(Potomac, Maryland)

                     Honorable Mention

     1st Honorable Mention ($75.00)

(Re: thinking of you Jerusalem), Lara Haft

(Durham, North Carolina)

     2nd Honorable Mention ($75.00)

Trief, Dana Robbins
(Bronx, New York)

      3rd Honorable Mention ($75.00)

Driftwood Pantoum, Julie Kolchinsky Dasbach

      4th Honorable Mention ($75.00)

In the Temple Mount, Debra Cash
(Belmont, Massachusetts) 

      5th Honorable Mention ($75.00)

Grandy,1990, Molly Raynor

(Ann Arbor, Michigan)

                    Finalists ($18.00)

Family Tree, Annotated, Diana Anhalt

Brick Row House, Crown Heights, Rosalind Brenner

I Keep A Rock, Susan Cobin

Generations, Beth Dwoskin

I Laid Myself Out, Lara Haft
Forest Shiva, Yoni Hammer-Kossoy (Israel)

The Long Road Of Memory, Zachariah Hauptman

Changall's LaJoie, 1980, Miriam Jacobs

The Whistle, Jonathan Lewis

When the Rabbi Spoke, Jonathan Lewis

In Good Samaritan Hospital, Gloria Murray

Easter Sunday, Dana Robbins

The collection will be published in print
together with the 2018 winners (Summer 2018)