Poetica Magazine

Poetica Magazine

2015 Winners

The winning poems will be published in print
in a special anthology for the 2013/2014/2015 Winners

1st - 3rd Place

1st Place ($250.00)

“I'm Nothing Without Blood” by Jen Karetneck
(Miami Shores, Florida)

Second Place ($150.00)
“Michelangelo's Moses” by Davi Walders
(Chevy Chase, Maryland)

Third Place ($150.00)
“Grandma Bella In A Cloud Of Sweet Cinnamon”
by Alan Cohen
(Novato, California)

Honorable Mention - $75.00

1st Honorable Mention
“Redemption” by Shira Atik
(Beachwood, Ohio)

2nd Honorable
Mention “Mein Leipzig” by Michael Levin
(Washington, District of Columbia)

3rd Honorable Mention
“Don't Touch the Bones”by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

4th Honorable Mention
“Genizah” by David Allard
(London, United Kingdom)

5th Honorable Mention
“On the 150th Anniversary of the Publication, in Warsaw,
of My Great-Grandfather's 13-Volume Edition of the Bible” by David Silverman
(Skokie, Illinois)

6th Honorable Mention
“The Rothman's” by Lois Rosen
(Salem, Oregon)

7th Honorable Mention
“The Kabbalist” by Gershon Ben-Avraham
(Be'er Sheva, Israel)

8th Honorable Mention
“Barcelona, Jerusalem” by Ilene Millman
(Hillsborough, New Jersey)

Finalists - $36.00

“#6” by Barry Koplen

(Danville, Virginia)

“A First Moment” by Diane Dehler

(Orinda, California)

“Ancestry” by Edwin Segal
(Louisville, Kentucky)

“Boy Shiksa” by Rupert Fike
(Clarkston, Georgia)

“Like Turtles Wandering” by Rosemary Moeller
(St.Lawrence, South Dakota)

“Makom” by Janet Greenberg
(Hamden, Connecticut)

“Marital Bickering Over Potatoes” by Ruth Weinstein
(Marshall, Arkansas)

“Still Arguing With Old Synagogue” by Abby Caplin
(San Francisco, California)

“The Chair” by John Simon
(Metulla, Israel)

“The New Haggadah” by Dale Tushman
(Brunswick, Georgia)

“The Other Jewish Disease” by Annie Dawid
(Monument, Colorado)

“The Tree Of Life” by Howard Debs
(Palm Beach Gardens, Florida)

“Ticket for the Journey Home” by Nina Pick
(Inverness, California)

“Watching Leaves Across from the Jewish Elementary School” by Crystie Cook
(Sandy, Utah)