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2014 Holocaust Edition

2012 Chapbook Contest Winner

Star of David  by Rick Black

The collection was named one of the top poetry books of 2013
by Split this Rock, the national network of socially engaged poets.
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2014 Spring Print Edition

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List of outstanding writers
included in this edition:

Sara O'Donnell Adler, Edna Aphek, Richard Becker, Herb Berman, Howard Richard Debs, Richard Epstein, Falconhead, Merav Fima, Joy Gaines-Friedler, Jane Ellen Glasser
Miriam Green, Robert Jacoby, Sasha Kasoff, Anna Miriam Keller, Barbara Krasner

Lori Levy, Karina Guardiola Lopez, Dan MacIsaac, Gina Marie Mammano, Ilene Millman, Joan Moritz, Helen Padway, Stephanie Pressman, Claudia Reder, Devorah Rubin
Anthony Shacknofsky, Jen Stein, Josh Stenberg, Sue Swartz, Judith MK Tepfer

Keith Tornheim, Davi Walders,Martin Willitts



Poetry Editor/Publisher:  Michal Mahgerefteh
Copy Editor: David King

Cover Image:

"An old gramophone Ornate with Jewish motives"
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2012 Chapbook Contest
2nd Place Winner

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