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2014 Fall Print Edition 
Poems and Short Stories
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Outstanding writers
included in this edition:

David Allard (England)

Herb Berman

April Mae Berza (Philippines)

Sophia Canavos

Ruth Fogelman (Israel)

 Dine Greene

 Stephen Harris

 Faigie Horowitz

 Steve Klepetar

 Judy Kronenfeld

 M. E. Lerman

 Karina Guardiola-Lopez

 Nancy Lubarsky

 Amy Melman

 Adina Newman

 Marlene Olin

Steve Pollack

Michael Robinson

Sara Robinson

Tracey S. Rosenberg (England)

Jon Sebba

Ken Seide

David Silverman

Beth SKMorris

Neil Spirtas

Darren Stein (Australia)

Tamar Stern

Keith Tornheim

Alessio Zanelli (Italy)

Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik (England)


Editor and Publisher: Michal Mahgerefteh
Short Story and Copy Editor: David King
Cover Art: Shutterstock Image
Eighty Pages/Perfect Binding
Full Color Cover
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2013 Chapbook Contest
Winners Announced




Poems by Lois Baer Barr

32 Pages/Perfect Binding
ISBN-13: 978-1-942051-00-8

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Cover Art:

Fig Leaf by John McConkie

and Leslie MW Graff



About the Author
and reviews page

Second Place
ozhel Bovitz" by Arne Weingart
(Chicago, IL)

Third Place
Feet in L.A. My Womb Lives in Jerusalem,
My Breath in Vermont" by Lori Levy
(Sherman Oaks, CA)


"The Jewish Way of Death"
by Martin Lindauer
(Daly City, CA)

"Braiding Lives"
by Sharon Lask Munson
(Eugene, OR)
Coming Soon!

2014  - 2015

This edition was created to support works longer than three pages
(too long for our print editions). Each story is published with the author's bio and photo. Works in this edition are selected by David King, current visiting editor.
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"Braiding Lives"
by Sharon Lask Munson
(Eugene, OR)

2013 Poetica Magazine Chapbook Contest - FINALIST

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