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2014 Summer Print Edition

Michael Amram

Elizabeth Beck
Gershon Ben-Avraham
Danya Belkin
Marcia Blacker
Leigh Cuen
Jonathan Doughty
Michael Easson
Bea Epstein
Richard Epstein
Sonia Usatch-Kuhn
Lawrence Lesser
John C. Mannone 

Julie Bloch Mendelsohn
Milton Montague
Sharon Lask Munson
Noa Nir
H. Abigail Perry
Steve Pollack
Michael Sandler
Patty Seyburn
Judith Skillman
Archy Sontar
Lois Greene Stone
Sandy Strauss
Immanuel Suttner
Laura Sweeney



Poetry Editor: Michal Mahgerefteh
Story Editor: David King
Cover Art: www.rehov.org

The 2013 Chapbook Contest 
Winner Announced

First Place
"Biopoesis" by Lois Barr
(Riverwoods, IL)

Second Place

ozhel Bovitz" by Arne Weingart
(Chicago, IL)

Third Place
Feet in L.A. My Womb Lives in Jerusalem,
My Breath in Vermont" by Lori Levy
(Sherman Oaks, CA)


"The Jewish Way of Death"
by Martin Lindauer
(Daly City, CA)

"Braiding Lives"
by Sharon Lask Munson
(Eugene, OR)

2014  - 2015
Short Story Edition

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