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2016 Spring Print Edition

Outstanding writers included in this edition
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(52 pages: poetry and prose)

Carol Alexander, Valerie Bacharach, Eva El Beze, Irene Bloom
Grace Cavalieri, Alan Cohen (Israel), Leslie Cohen, Lilian Cohen (Australia)
Ruth Fogelman (Israel), Jacqueline Jules, Jennifer Markell

Joshua Gottlieb-Miller, Gretti Izak (Israel), Joanne Jagoda
M. E. Lerman, Michael H. Levin, Beth Morris
Carl "Papa" Palmer, Claudia Reder, Howard Sage
Esther Schnur-Berlot, Eli Steier, Hannah Stein
Elizabeth Stoessl, Keith Tornheim, Tovah Yavin,
Allya Yourish (France)


Michal Mahgerefteh, Poetry
Nancy Powell, Proofreader

"Avivim" Acrylic on Canvas
Dvora Azoulay (Israel)

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